The Greeley Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors voted unanimously to support Bond Issue 4C.The Chamber’s mission states that we will work on enhancing the economic vitality of the community and partner with other organizations on initiatives important to job attraction and retention.The Chamber believes education is the primary pillar for growth in any community and this signals the first step toward fulfilling the district’s needs.

The things you need to know:

  • District 6 is currently 5,000 students over capacity
  • Capital improvements are needed
  • Deferred maintenance is topping $1 billion dollars
  • This issue will be paid for through an increase in residential and commercial property taxes to raise funds for capital improvements
  • Property taxes are the only means by which public school districts can raise additional money for infrastructure beyond the state-set limits.

We encourage Chamber Investors to vote YES on Bond Issue 4C. Learn more about the initiative here or on the Great Growing Schools website.

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