Core Programs From the Greeley Area Chamber

The Greeley Area Chamber of Commerce delivers programs and services through five pillars which support our mission. Each area of focus creates value for our investors and the community. Given the diversity of our investors, we thoroughly plan all our offerings to ensure they meet the needs of both large and small investors. If something doesn’t support our mission of enhancing economic vitality, we don’t offer it.

The Chamber measures programs, projects, actions, and resources against the following:

  •             Is it relevant to our mission?
  •             Does it provide a Return on Investment (ROI) to our dues paying investors?
  •             Can we, and do we, allocate resources (staff, funds, volunteers, space, etc.) adequately?
  •             Does it fall within one of our Core Functions?

Take a look at all we offer. As you view the programs and services arranged by core function area, think about how many fit within your plan to grow your business, or can be added to your business plan. Imagine the quality connections you can make through our networking events or leadership programs. Contact the Chamber with legislative issues important to your industry. Take advantage of our support for local businesses. Work with us on initiatives designed to bring visitors to the community, and to your business.

Even if your time for participation is limited, you’ll see how the Chamber is working on your behalf 365 days a year.

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