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Greeley and Weld County benefit from jobs in a diverse economy, not too dependent on any one industry or type of business. Our balanced economy allowed Greeley to exit the recession much sooner than many other communities in the United States.

Having been originally built as an agricultural colony, we continue to experience opportunity in ag-related businesses and technology, as well as traditional agriculture production. Healthcare and its related support organizations center in Greeley. And, with a founding principle of education, you would expect that opportunities in education at all levels would exist here.

As in most economies, small business hires more people than any other sector. However, major employers exist in healthcare, education, and government. The energy industry, both traditional and alternative, is a significant factor. More oil and gas well permits were pulled in Weld County than in any other county in Colorado. However, since last year’s downturn in the price of oil, the construction industry has taken the lead in new jobs. The wide open plains of eastern Weld County are perfect for wind-generated electricity production, Colorado’s abundant sunshine makes it ripe for solar energy, as well.

Major Employers and Employment Resources

If you’re looking for a job in our community, a number of excellent resources are here to help. Check our business directory for Employment Services. Our local newspaper, the Greeley Tribune can be a resource for current openings. Our Chamber investors also post openings through this website.

Check out current job postings here.

Visit the Human Resource links of our major employers for a broad array of positions.

Agriculture is Still Big Business

Building on, and diversifying from, agriculture, Greeley and Weld County’s economy also includes several growth sectors. The county’s largest employer, JBS, is the biggest producer of meat protein in the world. The company’s American corporate headquarters, as well as its transportation division and beef processing plant are located in Greeley. JBS provides jobs to more than 4,500 people here.

Newer to our area, Leprino Foods produces more mozzarella cheese than any other company in the world. With phase two of its 800,000 square foot plant under construction, Leprino will employ 500 people to manufacture cheese and other milk byproducts. Leprino’s production needs will boost dairy herds in Weld County by 60,000 head.

Agriculture is a big business in Weld County. The market value of agricultural products here exceeds $1.5 billion. Weld County consistently ranks in the top ten nationally for amount of agriculture products sold—the only county outside of California at that level.  Some 30% or more of jobs in Weld County are related to agriculture.

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