Not sure which arm of government provides the services you need? Check this section for answers to all your questions about which arm of government is responsible for particular services. The City, County, and State websites provide an abundance of information.

Whether you’re looking for government services for yourself, or for your business, you’ll probably find what you need here. If not, give us a call at the Chamber and we’ll head you in the right direction. Reach us at 970-352-3566.

City of Greeley

The City of Greeley operates with a Council-Manager form of government. There are a total of seven elected officials on the Council including the Mayor. Council members, with the exception of the mayor, do not have offices at City Hall. The City Manager functions as the Chief Operating Officer for city government and directs the work of city departments to provide city services.

The Board of County Commissioners, consisting of five commissioners, functions as the statutory head of Weld County’s government. Each commissioner has primary responsibility for one of the county’s five departments and serves as an assistant in another. The five departments are communications services, health services, planning services, engineering services, and finance, administration, central purchasing, and personnel. Their responsibilities rotate each year.

The County’s Home Rule Charter specifies another elected body, the County Council. This non-partisan, elected group provides oversight and public comment to the commissioners.
Visit the Weld County website:

Weld County
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State of Colorado

The Colorado Legislature (General Assembly) makes and revises laws for the state. The General Assembly is made up of two groups: the Senate and the House of Representatives. The people in these groups are known as ‘citizen legislators’ because they hold a variety of jobs, ranging from ranching to teaching, during the times they are not serving in the General Assembly.
The Governor’s job is to ensure laws passed by the legislature are properly executed and also suggests changes in existing laws to the legislature.

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Register to Vote

If you’re new to Colorado or to Greeley, you can register to vote four different ways:
• Visit the Colorado Secretary of State website
• Visit the Weld County Election Office at 1401 N 17th Ave, Greeley or website
• Register when you get your new Colorado driver’s license at 2320 Reservoir Road, Greeley
• Register at any designated voter service and polling location up to and including Election Day.

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