About Us

The Greeley Area Chamber of Commerce anticipates, collaborates and acts on challenges and opportunities that impact our community’s vitality. Our 650-plus investors include home-based businesses, multi-national corporations, service businesses and manufacturing. Our investors drive our organization where businesses come together as a unified voice for the betterment of our community.

We deliver focused programs and services to our investors in five core areas:

  • Champion a strong local economy
  • Promote the community
  • Provide business referral connections and visibility opportunities
  • Advocate for business with government
  • Build community leadership and development programs

Why Join?

See what businesses just like yours are saying.

  • Chamber Performance: Champion a Strong Local Economy 87% 87%
  • Chamber Performance: Help Build Business Relationships 84% 84%
  • Chamber Performance: Promote the Community 89% 89%
  • Chamber Net Promoter Score (All Chambers =38%) 63% 63%
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