It is with great sadness and excitement that I write my last Sunday page article.


With 25 years as serving as your Convention & Visitors Bureau (now Visit Greeley) President and the Chamber of Commerce, I have had the pleasure of working with so many talented and passionate individuals.  When you say that the people of Greeley step up when called upon – they will go the extra mile.  That is so true.


Thank you to the many Board members that have shared their time and talent with this organization to make Greeley a healthy and thriving community to work and live.


To the staff members – thank you for dedication and willingness to work for an organization as diverse as the Chamber.  Not many organizations tackle issues and opportunities at the same depth and breadth that we do.  Our bar is set very high and our expectations to deliver set just as high.


I have enjoyed more than you will ever know having this opportunity to work on behalf of the business community.


Thank you for allowing me to have the greatest job in Greeley!

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